Open Heaven

David Copeland June 13, 2006 10:23 am

Last week in Virginia, The Holy Spirit began to prod me to pray for an Open Heaven.

That night in the service, the Holy Ghost moved in a very powerful way. At the end an older established brother in the Lord spoke up and said " I see a big hole in the sky above the church and there are baby angels (he repeated the baby angels several times) going up and coming back down!"

That night and all the next day, the Lord began to reveal to me some aspects of an open heaven. I cannot write everything here at one time, but I am going to blog about it as the Lord directs.

I want to start with my definition of an open heaven: an unusual freedom to preach, pray, prophecy, to worship, to hear from and to get closer to God.

When God opened Jacob's eyes to see the angels going up and coming down (Gen. 28) he worshiped; he prayed and dedicated himself anew to God and His service; he declared (prophecy) that place he was standing would be known as Bethel-the House of God, which remained as one of the first established locations for Moses' Tabernacle after the crossing of the Jordan River until after David's time.

I understand God doesn't move by our calendars and time pieces. He does move in times and seasons of His chosing.

Our challenges as New testament believers is to be men and women of Issachar, men who understnd the times and know what we ought to do! For over ten years, this has been my central prayer to God that I would understand the times and seasons of the Spirit. In doing that there is a great reward, which is what Issachar means in Hebrew.

I sense God is giving us a season of an open heaven. You may say, David I don't feel it; Jacob didn't "feel it"; but when his eyes were opened, he saw the angels, then he felt it! Our job is to dedicate ourselves to seek God daily; then when the heavens and our eyes are open, release our faith to receive everything that is there that God wants to deposit in our lives and into the lives of others!

The heavens are open!