Oasis Church Weekend Update

David Copeland February 28, 2011 8:51 am

We experienced a powerful day of services yesterday at Oasis Church in Pascagoula Mississippi with Pastors Eric & Toni Camp. I met Eric & Toni in the aftermath of some little known storm named Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

We were a part of a tent campaign that ministered to the residents of Pascagoula after the storm. God forged a relationship with us and we are so honored to be able to sit with them on the Oasis Advisory Board. After the storm they were left with about 20 people; today average attendance is over 500 on Sunday Mornings, with over 250 salvations just since January 1, 2011! Thanks Eric and Toni for allowing us to be a part of this amazing ride!

I have not even had time to write about my trip to Nicaragua with Pastor Carl Thomas from the Mission Delray; we were honored to visit Patrick and Christy Brown and Samaritans International and the work they are doing in Nicaragua feeding over 40,000 kids a day!

We had to plow through some spiritual warfare, but Carl ministered some great messages each night. Many were filled with the Holy Ghost and delivered from heavy bondages. We are looking to travel back with a team sometime in the summer. If you are interested, hit me up here or by email to david.

A thought I ministered last night from Psalms 46:4; There is a river, the streams thereof make glad the city of God…

Every river on the face of the earth becomes a river because it is being fed with multiple streams and creeks and even smaller rivers; the River of God comes from the Throne of God and FEEDS streams….

We think we have The River (and many times we think we are the only one's that have it); but all we really have is a stream of that River.

Today I celebrate 31 years with the most amazing woman of God on the planet! Thank you Pam for hanging in here with me all these years. The ride has been bumpy at times, but it has been worth it!