November 9, 2014 Weekend Update

David Copeland November 8, 2014 12:02 pm

My heart is still very full over what I saw take place last week in Kilgoris Kenya.

I want to thank all of our team members Angie Stone, Beth McDonald, Ed Hinson, Ikem Grigsby, Jerry Noblitt, Stephen Brown & Tim Williams for the wonderful job they did in allowing Holy Spirit to work and flow through them during last week’s meetings. It was another very successful week for the Kingdom of God!

On Friday at the Kilgoris crusade, Ikem Grigsby was ministering from Ezekiel 37 and the Valley of Dry Bones. He never really got to his point because as he began to minister the Presence of God fell in an unusual way on the crusade grounds. People began to move closer to the Lord and Holy Spirit began unusually drawing people closer to the Father. I say unusual, because many times you know Holy Spirit is doing something…He’s just not completely revealing everything He is doing.

At that moment that the lost and seeking were coming closer to the Lord…I was having my own encounter with the Lord. It seemed as if Holy Spirit was re-commissioning me all over again to SW Kenya. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt we are right in the center of God’s will for our lives. And the testimonies I have heard since we left continue to be confirmation of where God wants us.

Hundreds gave their lives to Jesus. Hundreds received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Many others testified of healing in their bodies. Pastors were greatly encouraged and the city was touched. In fact all I could think about was Acts 8:8 “…there was great joy in that city.”

(Pastors Training Pic)

On December 3rd I will lead a team back to Kilgoris for our December Pastors Training. This will serve as the last class of the Masaai Vocational Training. As we begin a New Year in Kilgoris in April 2015 we will change the name of our training to the Revival Now School of Ministry. This reflects the tremendous growth we have seen for this training that includes many from outside Masaai land to represent most of the 42 tribes of Kenya.

We are very grateful to God for the growth we have see in this training; and also the tremendous cry that is coming to us from other parts of Kenya. We have taken the necessary steps in registering Revival Now in Kenya that will enable us to expand the training into other areas of the country. Please pray and agree with us that funds will be released so we can answer the cry of leaders for more training in different cities to help them reach their towns and villages with the Gospel and the Power of God!

(Picture of Land)

Last year Revival Now Ministries joined with Tim Williams Healing Hands Ministries to help sponsor the Naisero Orphanage in SW Kenya. Because of the generosity of some of our partners, this coming week Revival Now will finalize the purchase of two acres of land north of Kilgoris to build a facility for these children. These children became orphans because of the post election violence of 2008. Pastor Esther took these kids in and has been caring for them (mainly on her own) since then. Thank you to New Life Assembly, Moulton Alabama and to Restoration House in Salem Alabama for helping us purchase this property for these children. By the grace of God, construction will begin soon on a permanent facility to house these 60 plus kids.

Not only are we continuing and expanding the work in SW Kenya, in June 2015 we have been invited to Tanzania to speak in a large Masaai Conference that will gather church leaders from across Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania together for a time of Holy Spirit Explosion. These leaders have been asking us to come for almost five years and we sense now is the time to accept this invitation and move into this region.

Because of the interdenominational focus of Revival Now, there is not one single major denomination that funds our activities. Many have begged us to stop our overseas outreaches because America is in such need at this time. Every week that we are in the United States we WILL continue to travel across the country as God opens doors here at home, believing that God is supernaturally invading our great land.

But our main focus for this season is East Africa. I didn’t choose it God chose it for me. God Himself is opening doors for us to walk through. Pastors & leaders are issuing a huge cry for us to come alongside them and help them. Leaders are asking for training, churches are asking for leadership and cities are saying to us “we want you here”!

I will not use manipulation to tell you what to do. I will not pull on your hearts strings for money. I have the stories. Real stories. True stories of miracles in people’s lives that have taken place because you sent us there to minister. I will say this: if you have even felt led to sow into Revival Now, today is the day. The need is great. The opportunities are overwhelming and very humbling. We are ready to spend even more time in the nations. And we will go as the funds are available to go.

A three-strand cord is not easily broken. We are NOT the only group ministering in Kenya. But it’s time. It’s our time. Thank you for simply obeying God in what He tells you to do for Revival Now Ministries. Pam and I thank God daily for you helping us fulfill our part of the Great Commission.