November 11 Weekend Update

David Copeland November 11, 2013 9:57 am

Let me begin by saying thank you to all our Veterans who have faithfully served our great country over the last 200 plus years. Your sacrifice has opened the door for the Gospel of Jesus to be proclaimed to the four corners of the earth. We honor you and thank you from our hearts for your service!

I had every intention of producing a Friday Fire Video last week, but the jet lag in my body from last week’s Kenya trip said no.

Our recent outreach to Kilgoris Kenya saw over 75 people give their lives to Jesus and several hundred people from across Kenya took part in the 2nd Fire Conference at Maranatha Church. There was a tremendous amount of spiritual warfare surrounding the event, but the Holy Spirit gave breakthroughs in many people’s lives. It was definitely worth the time and effort to travel there.

Our final Kenya outreach for 2013 will take place from December 3-16. We will participate in the dedication of a spring of water that has been built in the Kisii area on December 6th; we will visit the Nysero Orphanage that we are helping to support on Saturday then on Monday December 9 - Saturday December 14 we will lead the last session for 2013 of the Maasai Vocational Training, with a certificate ceremony being held on that Saturday.

We are currently working with Evangel Christian University in Monroe, Louisiana in an attempt to create out of our Vocational Training a degree level program for leaders in the Kilgoris area. Students who complete the certificate level training will have the opportunity to move to the next level in pursuing a degree. I want to thank all the instructors who have taught in the Vocational Training over the last three years. You have been a great blessing to the students who have taken part.

Our current plans for 2014 are to expand the leaders training into other parts of Kenya as well as expand our conference and crusades into some others cities in which we have invitations to come. If you are interested in traveling with Pam and I on any of our international outreaches, send an email to and we will put you an information packet in the mail.

We continue to expand our Revival Now Internet TV outreach. We have experienced a tremendous response to Revival Now TV and we encourage you to visit our website and view our programming. We have been experiencing a few technical glitches, and we appreciate your patience. We are adding programming on a regular basis. If you have a ministry program you would like to air on Revival Now TV send me an email to

None of this would be possible without the help of our faithful regular Revival Now Partners. I cannot hide the fact that this has been the most trying year financially for many ministries. Pam and I realize you can give to many worthy ministries around the world that are doing a wonderful job presenting and promoting the Gospel of Jesus. We are very thankful for your support of our part of the Great Commission.