My Season Changes Today!

David Copeland March 10, 2013 9:21 pm

I am not writing and posting this for sympathy, nor am I trying to solicit a special offering.  I realize I should be more spiritual and have more faith…well, I am working on it because I am determined to allow Him to work on me. I am only writing to encourage someone else who may be at the end of his or her rope…spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.

These last several months have been the most unusual season of attacks spiritually physically and financially we have encountered in the last twelve years of traveling ministry. Yet all the while, we have seen more people saved, filled with the Spirit and more people have been touched in our altar services than we have seen in years. I have also received some of the greatest downloads of revelation I’ve ever experienced in my life.

During this time I have also experienced that dreaded nemesis called writers block. I looked back at my blog and noticed recently it had been since December since I posted anything. It troubled me, but absolutely nothing would come. God has been speaking to my heart. Some really wonderful truths. But these truths have seemed to be more for me personally than for me to share with the whole world.

Last November, Pam and I made the decision after repeated words from the Lord and impressions in prayer from the Holy Spirit that the time had come to scale back some of our US ministry times in order to accommodate some international opportunities and to administrate our many missions projects we have going on. I knew the Word of the Lord (if it is a true Word from the Lord) would be tested and tried…but not to the extent we have been tested and tried.

The Word of the Lord has definitely been tried!

Along with this tremendous testing came a great discouragement that attempted to convince me maybe all the work we have spent the last 12 years doing was coming to an end. Needless to say, when you know you are truly called to preach to the nations, you HAVE TO PREACH IN THE NATIONS! I know, I can quote to you all the one liners and teachings that talk about the danger of your identity being wrapped up in what you do and when you can no longer do what your identity says, you hit bottom. I know all that.

But I know I am called to preach revival to the nations of the world!

Fasting didn’t change anything. Repenting didn’t really change anything. Quoting the Word didn’t seem to lift the cloud. But Pam and I made a commitment to keep praying together, keep worshipping together and taking communion together every day.

And all I had done was believed the prophetic word.
Friday afternoon while standing in of all places, JCPenny’s in Lagrange Georgia…pondering and meditating on what I was going to preach this weekend, I felt the most incredible shift in my spirit by the Holy Spirit I have ever felt in my life!

I have learn from personal experience when a shift of great magnitude comes into your heart, even if nothing immediately changes in the natural, when it happens in the Spirit, it releases great faith into your heart!

You can only believe God and trust God for the things He makes real to your heart.

I have shared this with a few people since last Friday. One person began weeping before I even finished telling what happened to me. I know there are multitudes of people that are facing similar discouragements, depression, loneliness, uncertainty…even feelings of God abandonoming you. But be encouraged:

The season has changed!

Many people reading this post has believed the Word of the Lord for you life, you have stood on it declared it with faith and power….

Only to have your legs clipped out from under you.

A season of lack cannot last forever! God is too gracious to stay silent forever. God loves us too much to keep us in the valley for the rest of our lives. He DOES want to touch you and bless you and bring victory into you so He can use you to be the answer to someone’s prayer and a miracle in someone’s life.

Nothing in the natural looks any different today than it did on Friday. But my perspective has changed. My outlook is different. Because my up look has received focus. I heard it in the depths of my heart the season has changed. God said it. That settles it. And I can now believe it. Period.

Again, you can only believe God and trust God for the things He makes real to your heart.

It’s interesting to note, when the season begins to “officially” change from winter to spring, we can still have many days of very chilly weather before the temperature completely warms up.

Don’t go by what you see in the natural. Everything in the natural is a result of something that has already taken place in the Spirit. It happens in the Spirit first; then in the natural. And once it happens in the Spirit…it WILL come to pass in the natural. Yearn for that still…small…voice to speak into your heart today that will cause you to be able to declare…

My season changes today!