Miracles and Maturity

David Copeland February 10, 2010 4:43 pm

The Holy Spirit showed up big last night at Unity Gospel Tabernacle in Graysville Tennessee. Once again the Holy Spirit brooded over the services in waves of love and Glory! To God be all the Glory!!!!

But even in spite of the Glory of God manifesting in services we have been in just since the beginning of the year, my heart is still grieved over some who are disillusioned, disinterested, or simply down right disgusted in serving the Lord Jesus. I'm not speaking about people who have never known the Lord; I am speaking of people who know the way; have served in ministry either as a pastor or lay minister; or as a faithful worker of the Kingdom of God. But today they are AWOL on God. And the church.

My friend Andrew Peters is writing a word that I have had the honor of getting a sneek peak of on Matthew 7. In that passage Jesus utters those words that cause me to examine my heart every time I read them. Many will say Lord, we have prophesied, performed miracles, we did many wonderful works in Yoour name! And He will say depart from Me I never knew you!

Does that not shake you? Doesn't that cause you to at least quietly pray, "Father, is this going to be me on judgement day?"

God teach us again, it's not about the doing…it's about the being!

In Christ. In Christ. In Christ.

Only in Christ are we new creatures.

Only in Christ and by Christ can we have the awakening we so desperately need in America and around the world!

Lord, let the fire fall!!!!!