Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

David Copeland December 5, 2005 10:27 pm

I have a headache.

As I watch the news (which I don't do a lot of any more) I get a headache from listening to the spin. It's on both sides. The right and the left. And it seems whoever "spins the best" wins the match. Or so it seems.

Mark Batterson recently wrote an article on being culturaly relevant in today's society. You need to read that article in it's entirety in the Nov/Dec issue of Ministries Today or by going to . In the article he brought reference to one of my favorite scriptures: 1Chronicles 12:32 speaking of the men of Issacar that they "…had understanding of the times and knew what Israel ought to do…"

I said all that to say: the one who spins the Christmas title debate will win! It's time for the men (and women) of Issacar stand up and with the anointing and the venacular declare the nation belongs to the people…not the politicians and pin heads (forgive my O'Reilyism moment).

But far more importantly….

1. Lets repent to God for allowing " political correctness" and a fear of being persecuted for our faith drive us into the four walls of a building and hide until the rapture…just because we are Christian does not mean we cannot voice an opinion. Especially as it pertains to the continuing removal of Christianity and Christian symbols from public life. I wonder if the writers of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are turning in their graves?

2. Let's pray for our leaders with a greater fervency: the king's heart truly is in the Lord's hand…and God will turn it where ever He wills; but as we pray in repentance, it will bring some sanity back into the political arena as well as the social arena, and He just might continue to bless us and not judge us. Mercy would be real good about now!

3. Let's not forget to show the love of Jesus year round as well as during the Holidays. It's one thing to show love now; but why not show the same love in June when the heat is about 100 degrees in the shade?

I will never win many debates. My Alabama vocabulary is not refined enough. But no one will ever be able to resist the genuine love of Jesus forever.

May we be known as Christians most of all by our love! And may Christmas be shown all year round by the one's who call themselves after the Holiday named for His birth.