May Musings

David Copeland May 26, 2011 10:32 am

May has turned out to be one of the busiest months of 2011 with Pam and I being home a total of 3 days the entire month! And that was the first three days.

I am very grateful to the Lord who called us Who has kept us busy preaching His eternal Word! And He is confirming His Word with signs following.

Sunday May 15th we returned from our 8th Annual Couples Cruise. Couples from around the country came together to celebrate, eat, fellowship, eat, rest, have fun…and eat. We did make it somewhat spiritual as we held meetings on the ship in which the Holy Ghost ministered in a great way.

The couples also participated in renewing their vows of marriage to each other, which is already a highlight of the year for Pam and I!

Sunday May 15th we were honored to spend the day ministering for Pastors Carl & Tracey Thomas at The Mission Delray, in Delray Beach Florida. One of the blessings of blogging and Internet technology is that is connects people from different locations around the globe that ordinarily would not know each other. One of the great relationships Pam and I have received from blogging is this relationship with Pastors Carl and Tracey. We are so honored to have them a part of the Revival Now family!

It was also a blessing to be able to participate as Pastor Carl licensed his wife Tracey and Diane St. Saveur to the Gospel ministry! These ladies are going to be mightily used by God!

Last Wednesday & Thursday we held a special two night meeting at Beattyville Assembly in Beattyville Kentucky, with Pastor Lee Kilpatrick. This is very rural area in Eastern Kentucky that is beginning to see (in my opinion) a move of the Spirit of God.

Last Friday Pam and I traveled to Bedford Indiana for weekend meetings at Tabernacle of Praise with Pastor Gary Thomas. This is another Kingdom connection church for us that has become an important part of mine and Pam's ministry.

The Spirit brooded over each of the meetings so much that on Sunday night the Gifts of the Spirit flowed and people flooded the altar, receiving ministry. The congregation interceded for a young mother who had developed a blood clot in her sinus cavity that was rushed to Indianapolis for emergency surgery. God moved mightily that night and within an hour we received a report that God had performed a miracle!

I'm sure glad He still answers prayer!

This week Pam and I have taken some time to steal away and rest. There are some tremendous doors opening up for us in the coming months that we need the mind of the Lord on. There are good doors and there are God doors. Please pray for us that we will be sensitive to the right doors for us at this season.

May the fire of the Holy Ghost fall in your life this weekend!