Maasai Vocational Training Update Day 4

David Copeland April 1, 2010 2:01 pm

We are continuing the teaching on Principles of Prayer and Biblical Financial Principles this week at the Maasai Vocational Training Center in Kilgoris Kenya. Each session the Holy Spirit has moved in a different and unique way equipping these men and women with a fresh faith and teachings that will empower their people to grow to the next level in God. As I write this, I can hear the pastors are having a prayer meeting that is shaking the heavenlies in this region!

This morning we began with the Lord's Prayer, or the Model Prayer from Matthew 6. I couldn't get past the scripture that states "Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…" when the Spirit took over and without anyone coaching or coercing, praise was offered up to the Lord for about ten minutes or so. Chains fell off and the joy of the Lord filled the place.

In Dave Johnson's sessions there were very spirited discussions on healing and whether or not we should simply give everyone who asks us for money, should we give it. I feel like I have been in a Great Awakening!

This afternoon we made it to the part in which Jesus said we should forgive our debtors if we want forgiveness. I shared a couple of events that have taken place in my own life in which I could have justified myself in not forgiving someone who has done great harm to my family; but because I want God's forgiveness more than anything else in this world, I have to choose every day to forgive.

Forgiveness is NOT an emotion; forgiveness is a decision. A decision you have to make every day of your life! I am convinced the answer and the miracle many people need from God will not come from fasting and praying or even giving a large offering; the miracle some of you who read this need will not come when some popular preacher lays hands on you. It will come when we release those people (in sincerity) from the sins they have committed against us! In Fact, in Matthew 6:14, 15 and in Mark 11:25, 26 Jesus said in no uncertain terms, if we don't forgive people who have harmed us, He WILL NOT forgive us!

It's one thing to talk it; it's another thing to do it!

I'm not making light of any injustice that has been to you personally, to a nation or even to a race of people. But sooner or later, someone must be a man and woman of God to stand and say "what______ did to me, my family, my people is wrong…it will always be wrong…but because I want God's forgiveness in my life, I chose to forgive. Everyone. Of every wrong! "


The conviction of the Holy Spirit fell this afternoon…tears flowed…forgiveness released…deliverance manifested…joy and healing came. Men and women of God need Him to touch them just like congregations need Him. Thank God He touches His servants. And all His people.

Let the Fire fall!!!!!!