Maasai Vocational Training Update 2

David Copeland March 31, 2010 1:23 pm

Day Three of the Maasai Vocational Training Center for Pastors literally exploded with the Holy Ghost! In each session, the Holy Ghost fell in some way; one session we were all weeping; in another session were all shouting praises unto God. At the end the day, the Holy Spirit was ministering to the wounds many of these pastors have and especially encouraging then and letting them know…they do not stand alone!

Dave Johnson from Simonton Texas is teaching on Biblical Financial Principles and I am teaching on the Principles of Prayer. We have a couple of Pastors from here in Kenya joining us tomorrow teaching on the Pastoral Office and Holiness.

I am convinced the Kenyan pastors are not the only ones who need a course on Biblical Finances; the American church does also! We have let greedy ministers who have used the scriptures to get rich stop us from talking about the TRUTH of sowing and reaping as well as giving and receiving! I have made up my mind; I'm going to believe the truth of the Word of God…and let God deal with the greedy ones! The truth is this: we MUST have God's blessings on our finances if we are going to fulfill our part of the Great Commission! Islam is sparing no expense in spreading their message. They put their money where their mouth is. What are we doing?

Prosperity IS NOT about getting three million dollar houses, jet airplanes, shinier cars or fatter rings to wear on our fingers: Biblical prosperity is about having more than enough to complete our assignment God has given us before we die! Being blessed to be a blessing! Then leaving an inheritance for our children to use to complete their part of the Great Commission. I don't want to leave a job for someone else to do that I am supposed to do for God!

We currently have 17 pastors enrolled in the first two week session. God is moving mightily. Thank you for supporting our mandate of the Gospel. Both in prayer and in finances!

Let the Fire Fall!!!