Maasai Vocational Training Update

David Copeland April 12, 2011 3:08 pm

Today was the final Day of our April Training at the Maasai Vocational Training Centre in Kilgoris Kenya. Our next session will be held in August.

We wrapped up our teaching in the morning then after lunch we distributed certificates to the students. Some received a certificate of attendance while those who have completed and participated in every session received a level one certificate.

While we are not an accredited college we are registering with the Kenya government to be able to hand out certificates on completion.

As prayed over the pastors and many of their wives the power of God exploded. Everyone there was touched in a mighty way. I will have to wait till I get to Nairobi to attempt to post some pictures, and even then I still may not have enough time mb space on my modem to be able to post. I may have to wait till I get to London or even to home next week.

I cannot say thank you enough to our friends and partners who believe in the Great Commission to all the world. I have had a couple of messages that people we tired of guys like me asking for money to sow into other nations; America needs the help! But I am sowing into America also! In fact the majority of our ministry is to the United States. But we must never forget the Great Commission is for the whole world, not just Lanett Alabama! Now is the time for us to do all we can, go as much as we can, and spend as much as we can to see this Gospel reach into every nation of the world! God just happens to have us in Kenya at the present time.

These are very trying times for all of us; many of you have given so sacrificially to help us with this trip. I say thank you from the bottom of our heart. We are also planning to put together a video of some different pastors thanking you of your giving.

If a pastor and his wife and family can be encouraged, that is always a good day!

Tomorrow is a travel day to Nairobi where we will minister with Bishop David Matipei and the Christ Victory Ministries in Kitengela, a small town just outside of Nairobi.

Thank you for all your prayers and financial support!