Maasai Vocational Training Center

David Copeland March 30, 2010 1:17 pm

So many wonderful things have taken place sonce the first of the year, we have simply not had time to blog everything. One of those wonderful outreaches is the Maasai Vocational Training Center in Kilgoris.

In February we traveled to Kenya to meet with the local pastors fellowship group to plan the implementation of a training center for pastors who have not had access to any formal Bible School training.

We have been told that 85% of the pastors among the Maasai are not connected to any formal denomination and therefore have not even had access to pastors seminars or formal training. It has been a desire in our hearts since 2005 to establish some type of Seminar/Training regiment for both the pastors who have never had training, and encouragement for those who have. This week we began our first official session with 12 pastors in attendance. Others are coming, but the heavy rains that have begun to fall has hindered many from getting to Kilgoris.

Thank you to our partners and friends for making this happen! These men and women of God face great hardships and difficulties; but they are committed to bringing the Gospel to their own people. And we are committed to helping them!