Kilgoris Pastors Training Update

David Copeland April 8, 2011 3:24 pm

Today wrapped up day five of our April Maasai Vocational Training. The Glory of God has filled each session this week. From 9am till after 6pm each day over 40 pastors, their wives and young men women who are entering ministry have been studying Life of Christ, Communing With The Holy Spirit and Ministry Gifts (Five-Fold Ministry)

One of the pastors called this week the School of The Holy Spirit. There is so much we could tell, but it was all so wonderful, it's hard to tell anything. You just have to sit in this atmosphere of faith and hunger to understand what I am talking about.

I have been ministering the last two days on the role of the modern day apostle. Many believe apostles don't exist today. And while I am quick to point out, not everybody who has apostle on their business cards is one; yet apostle and prophets are mentioned numerous times in New Testament Scripture while pastor is only mentioned one time; Ephesians 4:11.

I know there has been abuse in every office gift. There has been abuse in the pastoral office, but I still believe the office of the pastor is still a valid and important gift. Yet, it is not the only gift. I refuse to allow the jack legs (that's an Alabama term for a crooks) stop me from believing and embracing apostles and prophets. I will simply ask God to show me the real ones and embrace them.

What a novel idea. Ask God.

Any how….

This afternoon Pam and Kathleen Gage ministered to 38 women in our first Maasai Women's Conference sponsored by Revival Now and Free To Be Ministries. After ministering for over an hour, then next hour was spent in prayer and personal ministry to the Maasai women; many of them were healed from a broken heart as well as empowered to get ready for a move of God among the women of this region.

Kenya (as is most of Africa) is still a very male dominated society. The United States is in fact still a very male dominated society. But God is lifting women up. Part of the uprisings in the Middle East are an answer for a cry for freedom for women and from women who have lived for centuries in oppressive conditions, simply being treated as a piece of property.

God still hears and answers the cries of His people's hearts!

Saturday Pam and Kathleen will continue to minister to the ladies of Kilgoris; Pastor Brad Morgan will continue to minister to the men. I will have the honor of preaching at the wedding of my friend Pastor Dalmas Momboshi. Sunday services then week two of our pastors training school.

I am going to need a day off after this. But when I look into the hungry eyes of men and women of God….suddenly, I don't need a day off.

Thank you, all the friends and partners of Revival Now Ministries for your prayers and financial support. It's going into good soil!

Let the fire fall.