Keep Walking!

David Copeland July 8, 2006 9:26 pm

I've ran into several people recently that….well….kind of gave me high blood pressure in the spirit!

The kind of people that think if you are not doing what they are doing, if you don't like what they like, (and this is the clincher) if you don't attend the church or denomination they do they try to put on you what I call a spirit of disqualification. It comes not from what people say; but what they don't say when they do say what they do!

God has called, and I have answered!

I say it all the time. I mean it with all honesty. They are greater preachers in the world than I am…greater singers in they world than I am…more anointed people in the world than I am. But there is no one any hungrier for God than I am after serving Him for almost 30 years!
I refuse to try to explain who I am! I am a son of the Most High God, who is simply trying to follow His Heavenly Father's footsteps!

So to all you who feel that spirit of disqualification from people: don't give into to it; and don't be discouraged by other people's wet blanket mentality. They think God died and left then in charge! (we won't wake them up from their delusion…:)
No, I'm not mad at anyone…not offended at anyone…I've just come to far down the road to turn back. Every bridge has been burned. There is nowhere else to go but up in God, and the destiny He has for me!

Quit looking back and keep walking!