Just Some Thoughts

David Copeland November 7, 2006 11:42 am

What a wonderful God we serve!

This weekend we had the honor of standing in a church in Houston(First Assembly, Rosenberg), where just 12 miles from that very spot, Charles Parham set up his Bible School that was attended by WJ Seymore, who eventually left and traveled to Los Angeles where the Azuza Street outpouring came to pass. This church is so desperate and hungry for God, they are willing to do whatever to see God's Glory come to the area.
Almost every where I am going (almost is the key word), I sense a real hunger and thirst for more of God. Not a thirst for what is in His hand, but a genuine desire to know His heart! Real revival is going to come to and through Houston Texas! Maybe later today, or some time this week, I will post a word the Lord gave me about the Houston area back in 2002.

But it's not going to be just in Houston: God's Spirit will move where people are willing to pay the price to be a carrier of God's Glory! He never intended for the Glory to be housed in a box, He wants it to be carried in our hearts!

Services continue tonight in Samson, Alabama at New Life Worship Center! Please pray for God to continue His workings in this area!