Just Some Monday Thoughts…

David Copeland March 7, 2011 12:07 pm

We experienced a wonderful start to services in Ft Chiswell Virginia at the Ft. Chiswell Church of God with Pastors Kenny and Brenda Quesenberry. These guys are dear friends and have a growing church in the SW Virginia area, right at the junction of I-77 and I-81.

God is doing something unique in this region of the United States. I know the focus is on other hot spots, but don't discount small out of the way places where there is a spiritual shaking going on that hasn't manifested in complete release of revival. I believe the Wytheville/Ft. Chiswell area is one of those areas. Something is about to break loose here.

I'm just asking some questions….

I am wondering if I should call what Pam and I do awakening instead of revival? Revival has been given such a bad rap with so much goofiness and carnality disguised in the name of revival that is nothing more than ingenious marketing strategies. I'm not trying to be critical, nor complaining. God told me many years ago our ministry was one of a janitor. We all know what janitors do. There is not much glory or recognition in being a janitor, but without the janitor, schools, business, hospitals, doctor's offices and churches cannot function.

And I'm not so stupid to think I am the only itinerant who genuinely wants to be a part of a genuine move of God. But at what point are pastors going to recognize they need itinerants as much as itinerants need them.

I know there have been many itinerant ministries who have abused, fleeced manipulated, built mailing lists and have failed to impart life into local churches; and have frustrated pastors so, they are convinced all evangelists and itinerant ministers are all crack pots.

We still have a lot of clean up to do.

I'm just asking some questions.

I am convinced though, in spite of the goofy carnality, and the fleshly manipulation seen in some areas, God is setting the United States up for the next Great Awakening. I can see it. I can almost smell it and taste it. And this time, it will not be a man made, marketable something intending to make people famous; it will be to make Jesus famous again!

Pass me the coffee, it's Monday….