June 2012 Kenya Update

David Copeland July 2, 2012 3:22 pm

I recently posted (as our monthly newsletter) an update of our recent June trip to Kenya. When I orignally booked the meeting, I did so at the request of a couple of pastors who could not go at our normal trip times. However, God was up to something far greater than we even imagined!

Here is an email I received on Saturday June 30 from Pastor Jackson Mongaine of the Kilgoris Assemblies of God Church who served as our coordinator for this meeting:

“Hallo my Brother,once again thank you for coming to our place we appreciate God for you and your ministry because all of you allowed God to use you to bless the body of Christ and our region.I would like to share with you some of the testimonies i have received.1.we had a pastor lady her name is Esther Wamboi,she started a church like three months ago in a place called Sengera and she has a ministry for orphans about 196 of which some are suffering from HIV/AIDS.She came to the confrence with 22 leaders from her church,during the move of the Holy Spirit all of them were filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke with new tounges 2.she also shared with us the burden she has for those children and we prayed about it during the meeting and on Thursday God did a miracle, she received a track from Nairobi with 350 catorns of rice and i went to witness this as they were off loading.Surely it was a new beginning 3.Today we met as organising commitee to evaluate the conference Pastor Harrison Wambesa shared with us that during the crusade,the open air meeting there were two ladies possesed by an evil spirit one was delivered instantly i believe you remember praying for her at the market place the other lady ran and on Sunday she went to church and because of God’s presence the evil spirit manifested and started speaking,she said that the assignment was to destroy the church of Jesus and cause disunity among Pastors and moreso to ensure the confrence wont suceed but she said that when she came to the market place she couldn’t enter because the whole place was full of fire and even the confrence she couldn’t enter because a wall of fire sorrounded the place and fourthly Pastors shared that many broken marriages were restored,so many people have shared how they were encouraged by this conference and lives transformed so God bless you Brother and your ministry i will keep sharing with you testimonies of the meeting and i believe what God started last week won’t be stopped by anyone because it will change the nations of the world.      from Jackson.”

Thank you again to all our friends and partners of Revival Now MInistries! Because of the unity, joy and breakthrough experienced in this meeting, we have been led by the Holy Spirit to add two more trips to Kenya for the calendar year 2013. If you would be interested in traveling with us for one of these great Interdenominational Conferences, send an email to david@revivalnow.org.

Asante Sana! (Thank You in Swahili)
David Copeland