Hurricane Update From Lanett Alabama

David Copeland September 4, 2005 3:57 pm

We have all watched in utter horror as our friends and family members in Mississippi and Louisiana have endured the catastrophy of Hurricane Katrina.

We have all watched, mesmerized at the images coming from the Gulf Coast. I have watched images of people suffering, in desperate need of help. And I have also seen people partying, basically thumbing their noses at God, thinking life will go on without any ramifications for their actions.

I have watched as politicians have taken the worst natural disaster to hit our nation in our lifetime, and have begun to use it for their own personal political agenda.

You have not seen them on TV because the media despises us so much, but I have watched an army of churches and ministries and even military personnel who have sacrificed themselves to get help to those in need when it looked as if nothing was being done.

I congratulate and pray a special blessing on those people on the front lines of this disaster, people you will never see on TV because they are not doing it to be seen, they are doing it because they love Jesus Christ and they love people!

I watched in amazement as our own community through the local Country music station raised almost $50,000.00 and thirteen truck loads of supplies; I was truly humbled as I watched our own WRNK listeners, on a 100 watt station, and a small community of praying people along with CVP Channel 6 viewers raise over $7,000.00 for relief efforts. In just 24 hours, we were also able to send a 26 foot truck load of supplies that left this morning going to Ocean Springs MS. All of this was over and above what our community had already raised through other media outlets.

I am watching the beginning of a revival that will touch this nation and the world with the love of God like it has never been touched before.