Healings in 2009

David Copeland January 7, 2009 4:56 pm

Revival services continue at Beauregard Revival Center! Already we have had three different healings (reported and confirmed) take place in the last two days. And these are documented!

A nurse who works for the doctor that pokes me with a needle when I need to go to another country had stuck a nail file under her thumb nail and it had become swollen from infection. She couldn't move her thumb because of the pain from the infection. The doctor she works for gave her a perscription for anti-biotics that she never filled, she decided to have the church pray. After prayer Tuesday night she went to work Wednesday morning with no pain and no swelling! She had the doctor look at it and I quote: "Wow! Your finger is healed! That anti-biotic worked great!" That's when she told him she never had it filled, she had prayer instead!

Of course, the deer in the headlights look came…

Another young girl who was wearing a heart monitor was declared by the doctors to not have any heart problems (by the doctors) and another young child that was burning up with fever was healed also!

The Lakeland Revival last year was severely discredited because people were unable to document the healings that were reported. I have purposed not to report anything that is a healing unless we can back it up with proof. We must start doing things this way to bring credibility back to the healing ministry. Because God still heals the sick…supernaturally!

And He's not afraid of a doctor confirming it either!