Happy New Year!

David Copeland January 1, 2007 8:26 am

What a wonderful way to start the new year in God's House!

God met us again at First Assembly of God in Rosenberg, Texas! Pastor Deborah Prihoda and her congregation are right on the verge of an explosion of Holy Ghost Power!

There are an increasing number of smaller churches all across the nation that the Spirit is brooding over; incubating the desire for an outpouring of the Spirit. I believe 2007 will see more places experience the very thing they have been preparing for and longing for, some of them for years!

Many have concluded the days of revival are over with! Not So!!!!Jesus is not coming back for a backslidden, apostate church! He left the church in Acts chapter two, worshipping in power, and tongues of fire sitting on their heads…He's not coming back for anything less!

Welcome to the year of the Open Heaven!