Guyana Update

David Copeland July 11, 2006 1:52 pm

We arrived safe in Guyana on Monday night.

Today we are receiving two containers of donations that have been given to us for the interior. We have two days to move throughout the interior making the final coordination for the rest of the team that will arrive in stages between now and Friday night.

As I have stated, the pre-trip warfare has been very intense this time…we know God is going to move in a dramatic way over the next two weeks. We met today with Pastor Elbert Anderson, Superintendent of the Wesleyan Churches in Guyana who is accompanying us this time. He has an on fire youth group that is also making their first trip into the jungle to be mightily used by God!

I will try to post again sometime on Thursday. There is almost constant rain here…which is good for us as the only way we can move around in the interior is by boat.

Thanks to all who have e-mailed me about praying for this trip. My heart is very gratfull for your interest and support. And you shoudl also consider joining us on a trip in the future!

Don't you just hate preachers who are recruiters also:)

Peace Out!