Guyana, South America

David Copeland February 9, 2006 2:20 am

It's after 2am and I really should be in bed, but since sleep has departed from me I thought I would write a bit.

In just a couple of hours we will be on our way again to Guyana, South America to spend twelve days with the Amerindians we have come to love so much. I will be blogging some when we get to Georgetown the capital city.

I think one way of knowing a touch of revival is in your heart is when you are excited about sleeping ten days on a cot in the middle of a jungle, thousands of miles away from home, and literally can't wait to get there!

One new thing we are excited about we will be doing this trip is showing the Jesus Film in some villages that have never seen it before. God has used this little film produced by Campus Crusade for Christ to touch millions of people all over the world. Please pray for God to use this outreach to draw sinners and backsliders into right relationship with Jesus!

As with every trip, satan has unleashed a multitude of distractions to try to hinder our going; please pray for our safety, our health and for the favor of God to be on us as we travel these forgotten rivers to minister to a people time and the world may have forgotten, but God has not!