Guyana, South America

David Copeland July 7, 2006 4:52 pm

On Monday July 10th, we will leave for our annual July trip to Guyana South America.

At least three times a year (February, July, November) we travel into the North west interior of Guyana and minister to the Amerindians, one of the Western Hemisphere's fogotten people groups.

Guyana is predominately known for Jim Jones and the mass suicide he led in 1978 that claimed the lives of 917 Americans. Over the last couple of years, God has given us favor with the Amerindians in that area (Port Kaituma) and last April we were able to conduct an outdoor crusade in which over 400 people gave their lives to Christ!

We try to send a small team back to Port Kaituma on every trip to strengthen and encourage those believers there. I am happy to report that all those who signed a committment card have been assimilated into various local churches and as of February if this year were continuing to grow in Christ!

The poverty and the isolation of the region leads to alcoholism as well as drug problems…but in the darkness God is shining the Light of His love through a group of pastors and churches who are committed to working together to build the Kingdom of God!

Hopefully I will be able to blog some updates on Friday July14th, then again on Sunday July 23rd. All other days will be spent in the rainforest in ministry. If I get access to a computer and the internet (doubtful) I will post more.
I am posting this to ask for special prayers and intercession during our time there. The pre-trip warfare has been unusally intense for some reason this time. If you have ever been invilved in missions, you understand what I am saying. I realize this is a sign God is up to something BIG!

If you would commit to pray for our team from July 10-24th, e-mail me at david. I will pass this along to the other team members who are coming from Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, and upstate New York, and we will rejoice at the Harvest you help us win!

Also, if you are interested in a life changing experience in another culture, and a chance to minister to some of the most humble and sweetest people you will ever meet, contact at RNM and request an information packet on Guyana.

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