Guyana South America Update

David Copeland February 19, 2008 10:45 am

God is GREAT!!!!

Our February Guyana trip is now in the books. Due to our grandbaby dedication in DC I was only able to make the last half of the trip. We arrived in Mabaruma on Wednesday and traveled to Wauna where my father in law and I prepared the mission quarters for the rest of the team.

Ministry was conducted in various villages around the Wauna area, sending teams into the villages to conduct men women and children's ministry during the day and revival services at night. We were also able to build a house for Pastor Nevil, a blind pastor in Poon Creek we built a church building for last year. This man has pioneered at least 4 other churches in the creeks and rivers in the Northwest interior…all while never seeing a day in his life!

I refuse to listen to anyone complain to me about not having anything to do for God! If a blind man can follow the leading of the Lord and plant 4 or 5 churches having to paddle to them in a canoe, we can do what God has called us to do! Especially with the technological advances we have here in the U.S.!

Many were delivered from demons, set free by the mighty power of God! I'm glad we serve a living God, not a dead God! And He still demonstrates His love and power to those who believe!

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Thanks to everyone who covered us in prayer during these last couple of weeks. God has helped us to feel your intercession!