Guyana, July 2006, cont.

David Copeland July 26, 2006 6:51 pm

On Wednesday we traveled further north from Kwebana to our base in a village named Wauna where on Thursday and Friday Pastors Seminars as well as village ministry was conducted in approximately 18 villages was held.

I guess one of the highlights of my life has been the opportunity to speak into the lives of other ministers. Not that I think I know everything; but when God calls you and anoints you to do it, there is a freedom and a joy that in indescribable! Over eighty (80) pastors, their wives and other leaders assembled at Wauna for the two days of Seminar, and the power of God literally shook the place!

Holloway Tabernacle Assembly of God in Enterprise, Alabama raised the money to feed and transport these pastors for very needed training, but most of all encouragement to continue to serve under tremendously adverse conditions. thank you Pastor Shon Bryan and the entire congregation in south Alabama for your generous gift!
On Friday afternoon, part of the team went across the border into Venezuela to a village we showed the Jesus film in February named Turtle Creek. On the way Sis. Miriam Frederick ran into a lady named Amanda that told her she wanted to take her to another village even deeper up the river that was in even greater need than the people in Turtle Creek.

When the team arrived in Moca Buena, they found a village of over 60 people who basically lived on stilts and sapplings roped together to make a floor. Debbie Superdock, who commented on another post told me on the plane coming home, it was still hard to believe there are still people in the world who have to live like that…but there is!

We were able to transport 7 barrels full of clothes as well as purchase several 100 pound bags of rice to give to the village. They were so happy anyone noticed them, they were speachless!

On Saturday after we sent the majority of the team back to Charity, Several of us went across the border again with more clothes, more rice and three Bibles we had left over. As we arrived at the dock (I'm using that word loosely) and handed the Bibles, a young man aboult 17 years old literally snatched a Bible out of our hands and they entire time we were there, hugged the Bible as if it was the most precious gift he had ever been given! Needless to say, I totally lost it there and didn't know if I even wanted to come back to the U.S. or not!

The most thrilling thing for me about this encounter was the fact these people never asked us when we were returning with more food, clothes or tools: they wanted to know if there was anything we could do to help them get a structure build to worship God in!

When we stop looking for new fads and gimicks on how to grow and build our churches, and simply get hungry again for God, we will see the greatest manifestation of God's Glory that has ever hit the planet!

With the Middle East headed at breakneck speed toward Amegeddon, I think it's time we as America get hungry for God all over again!

On an ending note, we had a service with the villagers of Moca Buena…and the entire village raised their hands to accept Christ! According to their testimony (not mine) we were the first people to come to that village and hold a church service with them!

This is why I do what I do!