Guyana, July 2006

David Copeland July 25, 2006 9:59 am

Finally made it home last night about 9pm. While every trip we help lead into the South American jungle with World Harvest Missions is marked with unity, this trip was surrounded by a unity I've never experienced before!

On Saturday we traveled to a village named Cloudland, situated in the edge of the Amerindian reservation in the Northwest Region. The team was conprised of 35 people from Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Up State New York, as well as a team of adults and youth from the Wesleyen Church in Georgetown. We were grateful to have with us the General Superintendent of the Wesleyen Churches in Guyana accompanying us into the the interior. Pastor Elbert Anderson is a tremendous man of God and was used mightily to bring encouragement to the Amerindian Pastors in our training seminars.

When we arrived in Cloudland, we found out the pastor's wife of the Church of God there was sick to the point of death in another village. Sis. Miriam Frederick, Director of World Harvest Missions whom we partner with in Guyana is a registered nurse. She went that night to check on the wife and made arrangements the next day to move her to a clinic in another vilaage, where she was then transfered to Georgetown, where she was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Please rpay for this pastors's wife and this family as she is copntinuing to recieve medical treatment and much prayer.

Sunday morning the team divided into three different teams and dispersed deeper into the jungle. My team traveled to a village named Waripoka to a church lead by Pastor Lucious. A young man full of the Holy Ghost, who has taken a church with twelve people and in three years with much fasting and prayer has grown it to over 200 people in a village of approx 450-500. In the 15 trips I have taken into Guyana's interior, I had never been able to get to Waripoka..I was always sent inot other villages. But I had already developed a deep friendship with Pastor Lucious, and he ahs prayed for years for me to be able to come. It was a glorious service to say the least.

A young Missionary Evangelist named Seth Carroll preached the morning message and the altar flooded with people accepting Christ, rededicating their lives and seeking healing, which God oblidged! Later that afternoon we continued our travels south down the Waini River to the village of Kwebana where we set up our camp for the next three days. Monday and Tuesday were spent conducting village ministry, Pastors Seminars as well as children's and youth activities for the villages in that region.

The Pastors Seminars in Kwebana this time were marked with an even great intense hunger than I have seen before. We have felt for over three year we were supposed to move into this area because the cry of the pastors was, please come down here and help us! But we were not preapared for the hunger and hospitality for God that is here!

Pastor Robert Sookermany, Pastor Clyde Ramlochan, Pastor Gene Brown, Pastor Shane Smith, and Pastor Anderson from Georgetown all hit home runs in ministering to the Pastors. These pastors travel a great distance to get the training and the fellowship these seminars provide. We are using a curriculum designed by Bill Joe Daughtery's Church in Tulsa specifically for Third World Contries.

I'll post more later today and this week. As always, if you are interested in doing a short term missions trip, we invite you to join us in traveling to Guyana to minister to this hemisphere's forgotten people: the Amerindians.