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Today, Tuesday December 3rd, Revival Now International is taking part in #GivingTuesday. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been designated world wide as a day in which to sow a special gift, recognizing and blessing ministries, outreaches, NGO’s Non Profits for the tremendous work they do in ministering the needs of humanity, spiritually, physically, financially & emotionally.

The main assignment on Revival Now International is to equip, encourage and give access to quality Bible training to rural and urban pastors who either do not have opportunity or lack the funds to attend a customary Bible School for ministerial training.

Many of these men & women of God were saved in a crusade, through watching the Jesus Film or by a one on one witness from someone they knew. Across Africa and Asia many of these new believers get so on fire for Jesus in a matter of a short time they have led 50-75 people to Jesus. Because they led these people to faith in Christ, they also accepted a responsibility to shepherd them as well.

The 600 plus leaders that have completed the RNSOM in Kenya are currently impacting over 50,000 people each week across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. This figure does not include the hundreds of leaders we are also impacting in others countries of the world where we have visited in the last several years.

Your giving to Revival Now on #GivingTuesday as well as throughout the year helps us to care for the young men and women of the Hope Centre Children’s Home in Nyangusu. The partners of Revival Now help to feed, cloth and care for these children who did not ask for their parents to die nor to have to live in their present circumstances.

Your giving and support of Revival Now International has helped us complete the first dormitory, bathhouse and kitchen area for Hope Centre and we are over half way finished with Dormitory #2.

Your financial support of Revival Now also helps us to travel across the United States, ministering to rural pastors & churches as well as many urban ministries that are just as important to the Kingdom of God as a national ministry.

Pam and I want to thank all our many friends and partners who so faithfully and sacrificially help us to fulfill this mandate upon our lives. Thank you to those who give on a regular basis, and we invite you to share this email with your friends, pastors and other leaders.

Individually we may not accomplish much. Working together with the Power of the Holy Spirit creates a synergy that brings salvation to the lost, healing to the sick & broken, equipping and encouragement to rural leaders, and continued care for widows and orphans around the world. We are truly better together than we are separate.

Giving to Revival Now is easy! Visit our website, http://revivalnow.org/give; we can also receive your gift by debit/credit by emailing pam@revivalnow.org and sharing with her your intent to give. You can also give by check at this address:

Revival Now International
P.O. Box 1076
Lanett, Alabama 36863

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All gifts are tax deductible. Visit my Facebook page or the ministry Facebook page for pics and updates all throughout the next several weeks.

I am currently in Kenya leading the Malava School of Ministry through Friday December 6th; on which day we will hold our first Graduation in Malava. Next week we will sponsor the Kilgoris School of Ministry. We will cap off this trip with the RNSOM Graduation on December 14th.

Thank you for your prayers and support of Revival Now’s World Wide Outreach!

Let The Fire Fall!
David & Pam