Final August 2014 Kenya Update

David Copeland September 1, 2014 6:55 am

By the time many of you read this, our August Kenya Team will be arriving back at their homes; totally exhausted, but having been mightily used by God the last two weeks. I have remained back in Nairobi until Tuesday night to wrap up some ministry business that will position us for future ministry here in Kenya.

On Saturday we closed the August Session of the Maasai Vocational Training. After ministering for a few minutes from Luke 4, the Holy Spirit descended in intercession over the students. For almost an hour we prayed and prophesied over the students; and many of them gave us prophetic words that are bearing fruit deeply into our spirits.

This was absolutely the best trip I have ever taken abroad! I know I say that at the close of every trip; but Scripture is clear God is taking us from glory to glory. 2 Cor. 3:18.In the last three weeks, I have seen the Glory of God in a tangible way. Thank you to Team Members Brad Morgan, Charles Kalkomey, Dave Johnson, Edith Carlin, Jack Chancey, Shawn Collier, Ashlee Martin & Madison Lyall for making this outreach a blessing and a Kingdom Success.

From all the reports we have almost 500 people committed their lives to Jesus in the last three weeks, 150 in one service at Kalokol alone. Many more were filled with the Spirit, others testified of healing in their bodies and hundreds were touched by the Presence of Jesus.

One of the greatest thrills I have ever received came in Kalokol on Saturday night August 16. I met a young lady who was Born Again at our Lodwar Crusade in 2011. Since then, she has led several other young ladies to Jesus and is now on the praise team in one of the local churches! So often we are never allowed by God to see everything that takes place in our outreaches. Many have even criticized me and say our type of ministry is out of date. It doesn’t work today…God doesn’t move that way any more. Not in Africa my friends! This is fruit that remains not only for Pam and I, and for every partner of Revival Now Ministries.

We have two more trips to Kenya scheduled for 2014: October 27-November 3; and our Final 2014 Pastors Training in Kilgoris December 8-13 at Kilgoris Boys High School. Next year we will be officially changing the name of our Pastors Training to the Revival Now School of Ministry. This will better reflect the interdenominational and inter-tribal make up of the students that attend, and it will hopefully help us to expand the training into other areas of Kenya and East Africa.

As we raise the level of instruction for men and women of God, the spiritual life of the rural areas will increase also. Not everyone who is called to ministry can afford to receive basic Bible training they need to reach their villages and rural towns. Most of these men & women who attend the Kilgoris training leave their families at home with little to eat because their desire to learn more about the Word and to be equipped for Kingdom Service pushes them to reach out for more knowledge of Him. It almost sounds like they are abusing their families. But their desire to get to Jesus has become greater than anything else! And many, many times, God supernaturally provides for their families as they spend time in training for His service.

To all the Revival Now Ministries churches and partners thank you, thank you, thank you! You are helping us make a difference in rural pastors and churches all across Kenya, around the world…and across the United States of America!

Thank you for your faithful financial support of Revival Now Ministries.