February Update

David Copeland February 20, 2009 2:17 pm

This is an email I sent today to all our partners and friends…thought I would just post it here also.

Dear Friends,

Hope all is well with all of our friends and partners as we speedily progress in to 2009! It's hard to believe we are now coming to the end of the 2nd month of the year!

I just returned from Guyana South America where for the first time in over a year were honored to minister among the Amerindians in the Northwest region. Scores of young people walked the isle and gave their lives to Jesus, and many others were baptized in the Holy Spirit; and on Wednesday in the village of Wauna we were able to baptize 12 people (many of them teenagers) in water! To God be the Glory!

God has been giving us some changes in direction for Guyana for the last several months. While we will continue to take trips there, we won't be traveling to Guyana as much as we have been the last 7 years. For the next season (God knows how long that will be) we are going to bring a greater focus to the nation of Kenya. Doors are so wide open there for ministry for us, it is physically impossible for us to meet or fulfill every invitation! Almost every day (no exaggeration) I get an email from a pastor or church group pleading for us to work their church in our schedule when we go to Kenya. It's SO nice to be wanted! We are sensing could be our "Macedonian call" for this hour! Please pray God will give us firm direction as we labor among the people groups in both these countries; time is short! Mine and Pam's desire is to stay in the center of our assignment, where ever and to whomever that will be!

This weekend we are honored to be ministering at the church we launched into traveling ministry from; Evangel Temple in Lanett, Alabama. We hope to be able to stream the services live all weekend. Go to http://ustream.tv/channel/revival-now-tv.

We love you all and thank you for your prayers and continued financial support!