Fear vs. Faith

David Copeland January 24, 2006 9:47 pm

I just finished watching Fear Factor. Two local siblings, Ben and Blair Wheeler (whose Dad happens to be my pharmacist) won the competition. Needless to say I am pumped! Lanett, Alabama wins the Factor!

But the phrase I like to hear is what Joe says at the end, "…fear is not a factor for you!" Even though I've heard him speak that phrase many times, when I heard it tonight it stirred a reminder of four fears that keep us from experiencing real revival:

1. Fear of the unknown. What will happen when/if God powerfully touches my life? What does it really feel like? What will God ask me to give up? Will I act foolish? Will I embarrass myself? Because our last encounter with God many times is the only barometer we use in gauging the spirit of revival in our lives, many times revival will come and go and we will not experience it. The Word of course is the only true guide to real revival. II Chro. 7:14 explains it best!

2. Fear of Rejection. For everyone who saw Fear Factor last night (esp. the ladies), you could probably relate to the fear and apprehension Blair felt as she heard those clippers buzzing her beautiful hair! I imagine she thought, "What will my friends say…? Will they laugh…make fun…will they reject me?" But how many times has satan told us the same thing; and the fear of being rejected caused our passionate hunger for God, our passion to worship God and get closer to Him diminish to a smoldering ember? Remember, Jesus said if they rejected Him, they would reject us!

3. Fear of Persecution. Everyone has an element of self-preservation. No one walks around with a sign on his or her backs saying "persecute me I can take it!" But the fact is the fear of being persecuted is a fear of man. When we value man's opinion above God's opinion, failure is at the door! But when we decide to choose what God thinks of us over man, revival is not far away! The fear/respect of God in our hearts overcoming the fear of persecution will cause us to repent quickly when the Holy Spirit convicts us!

4. Fear of Failure. It has been said, "failure only means someone tried to do something!" So many are afraid to pray, fearing God won't answer. Some are afraid of witnessing, fearing rejection, or failing to say the right thing! Many refuse to get closer to God because they tried live for Him one time and failed. But the Bible says all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God; that's why we have this treasure in earthly vessels that the Excellency of the power may be of God and not from us!

What ever you do, don't quit praying! Don't quit believing for household salvation! Don't let failure stop you from experiencing God in a fresh way! Most of all, let's not be afraid to let God do what He needs to do, in order to drive the fear that hinders real revival from coming to us in 2006! Keep Faith the main Factor for you!