December Kenya Update

David Copeland December 11, 2014 1:49 pm

Our schedule has been so very busy that it would be impossible to share all that God has been doing.

Our Thanksgiving Holiday was a great day with our family and making last minute preparations to travel back to Kenya for our last outreach of 2014. We arrived last Thursday December 4th and have been very busy with ministry since we arrived.

Our Pastors Training this week has been very powerful with over 100 pastors & leaders registered for this week’s training. On Friday we will complete the December Session (and the final session) of the Masaai Vocational Training in Kilgoris. Because of the tremendous growth and interest from other tribes of Kenya, on Saturday we will officially change the name of the training to the Revival Now School of Ministry. We are NOT ended our Pastors Training in Kilgoris, just changing the name.

In these sessions Pastor Shane Smith has taught on the Character of the Believer and I have taught Righteousness of the Believer. When you spend almost ten hours per day teaching (and yes, sometimes preaching) to hungry and thirsty lives, it literally drains you of every ounce of strength in you. Thank you to all the pastors and leaders who have taken part in this training. Your hunger and thirst for the Word is overwhelming and encouraging to guys like me! On Saturday we will hold our Annual Certificate Ceremony where at least 40 students will receive a Certificate of Participation for this year’s studies.

Thank you to every partner and partner church for sowing finances into Revival Now Ministries and our Kenya ministry. There continues to be a tremendous cry for training and conference coming to us from all across Kenya. In Acts 16, Paul has a vision in which a man of Macedonia is crying out to him “come over into Macedonia and help us”. We have heard that same cry from all across the nation of Kenya. God has given us a very effective open door for ministry here. Souls are crying out for salvation…pastors are crying out for training…churches are crying out for revival.
Revival Now is not sponsored by any major denominational group. We depend solely on the prayers and support of people who will read this letter or see us on Facebook. Not only are we conducting special outreaches across Kenya, we are also continuing to support ministries and conduct ministry across the United States.

As we approach the end of 2014 and enter a brand New Year, will you consider Revival Now in your end of the year special giving? Many people chose to sow special offering at the close of the year in order to help then in their current year taxes. We would be honored to receive your support at this time! In 2015 our vision is to lead five different trips to Kenya conducting conferences, crusades and the Revival Now School of Ministry. We have also scheduled two trips to Nicaragua to lead two different youth groups in ministry there. We have also been asked if possible to return to Myanmar for a special time of ministry as well.

We are not begging! We just want you all to know your giving IS appreciated and you giving IS making a difference in the lives of pastors, leaders and congregations all over the world.
Merry Christmas!