December 2015 Kenya Update 2

David Copeland December 9, 2015 8:29 pm


That’s all I know to say. God is so good and He is pouring out His Spirit in tangible ways here in Kilgoris, Kenya. I am honored to have traveling with me on this trip Bro. Tim Williams, Director of Healing Hands Ministries Lake City Florida; and Bro. Jerry Noblitt, Director of 3rd Day Awakening Ministries Opelika, Alabama. They are doing an incredible job teaching, ministering in the altars and flowing with the Holy Spirit in each session.

Last weekend we were honored to be a part of the Kilgoris Assembly of God’s Family Life Conference. Two days of intense teaching, prayer, altar ministry…and of course food. Almost 100 people were in attendance both days for the meeting.

Last Sunday I was asked to travel to the town of Mutenkuar, about a 40-minute drive south of Kilgoris. I preached in a small storefront church in this little remote village, and several gave their lives to Jesus! It’s really only 10 miles from Kilgoris, but because of the heavy rains, the road is a mess. For anyone who has been to Africa, you understand what I am saying. The road situation here is a travesty…and that’s all I will say.

On Sunday afternoon we visited Nyaisero Orphanage where we distributed a Christmas package to every child in the orphanage. These gifts were provided by Sanctuary of Praise in Midland City Alabama with Pastors Ricky & Melissa Martin. Pastor Esther was shocked…and the kids were very, very happy!

On Monday we began the December session of the Revival Now School of Ministry with over 120 students registered for this term. With the visitors, we have seen over 180 people at a time in the meetings.

There has been an unusual hunger and spirit of expectation this time in the sessions. From the opening prayer, we have sensed that God is doing something special. By the end of the first day the Glory of God was falling and there has been a distinct brooding of the Holy Spirit in each session.

I am convinced we are right in the center of what God wants for us in this hour of time. I realize things can change, and God ALWAYS has the right to give us new marching orders at any time. But for now, our assignment is right here in Kenya.

With that being said, I believe 2016 will be a year of increase and expansion. Now is NOT the time to crawl in a hole and hide because of the threats of terrorism. We MUST take the battle to the enemy of our lives (satan) because souls are depending on us to move forward and establish God’s Kingdom EVERYWHERE, not retreat!

Thank you again to all our friends, partners and supporting churches who have given to make this trip possible. Thank you also for your faithful giving that enables me to be away from U.S. ministry for several weeks at a time. Your continued regular support is absolutely vital for us to finish our assignment well.

Training rural pastors and leaders with basic tools that will help them work in their assignment is just as important (in this hour) as bringing people into the Kingdom. Don’t misunderstand: I LOVE preaching outdoor meetings and seeing people saved & delivered from the bondages of the devil. But once people are free, if there is not someone to pastor them with a solid Bible foundation, the harvest could possible be lost.

For those of you who have asked to take part in one of our East Africa outreaches, we will be announcing our 2016 & 2017 Kenya schedule hopefully by this weekend. Again, thanks for your prayers and financial support of Revival International!