December 2015 Final Kenya Update & Ministry Report

David Copeland December 15, 2015 8:35 pm

What a wonderful two weeks we have just completed in Kilgoris Kenya as we wrap up our Kenya ministry for the year 2015. In every meeting, Holy Spirit poured Himself out on people, saving some, healing, filling others and encouraging all who needed encouragement.

The Kilgoris Family Life Conference at Kilgoris Assembly of God was a great success with over 100 people in attendance. Pastor Jackson Mongaine (who also serves as Revival Now’s Director of Outreach in Kenya) leads this growing congregation. We expanded the conference this year from just couples to the entire family. On Saturday, I ministered on loneliness and weariness in relationships. Many responded to the altar time and many hearts were healed.

Monday December 7- Friday December 11 we saw over 137 students register for the Final Session of the School of Ministry for 2015. Several days we had over 180 in attendance, marking this the largest gathering of the School of Ministry since we began in 2010. I want to give special thanks Pastor John Olempurkoi our SOM Coordinator, Bishop Dalmas Momboshi, Bishop Stephen Sarara, John Sang, Paul Egeny, Jackson Mongaine, Joseph Marrau, as well as Patrick & Caroline Wanjala for serving on the leadership team for the Revival Now School of Ministry in Kenya.
Tim Williams, Jerry Noblitt and myself taught (and preached) on The Word, Jewish Roots & Covenant Identity, and I was honored to teach OT Survey 2. OT Survey is not one of those top ten courses you want to take, but the Holy Spirit made it interesting. Unless you have taken that course, you don’t understand what I am saying…lol

Several times each day from the very beginning, Holy Spirit hovered over the meetings…many times taking over the sessions with intense intercession and worship.

On Saturday we handed Certificates of Participation to almost 40 students and Certificates of Completion to almost 40 more students. Many of these students have faithfully attended since 2010. I had several students tell me, even though they have received their completion certificate, they are not leaving. They will come to class as long as we have the Training. To me, this is true hunger for discipleship.

Even though the majority of these students serve in rural areas, collectively they are touching well over 7,000 people each week. Some of these students have already planted 3 or 4 churches and are in the process of planting more. We have found in developing countries, when you raise the spiritual level of a leader, the spiritual level of the local church rises as well. Then many of the problems in the local communities are addressed as the church matures and changes the culture around them.

While in Kenya we were also able to visit the Nyaisero Orphanage in Ogembo. Thanks to Sanctuary of Praise in Midland City Alabama, we were able to personally deliver Christmas gifts to all the children for the first time since we began helping the Orphanage several years ago.

I also want to thank again First Assembly in Rosenberg Texas and Restoration House in Salem Alabama. Because of these churches, in January 2015 the children were able to receive two brand new uniforms for the 2015 school year. And because of the giving of Restoration House and another precious partner from Alabama, the kids and staff of Nyaisero will have a special Christmas Dinner prepared just for them at Kilgoris Assembly of God.

Last Saturday night we had the privilege of meeting with a group of pastors from Esiot Sambu across the Kenya border in Tanzania. These men traveled many days both in August and this month to take part in the School of Ministry. After some prayer and discussion we are happy to announce the Revival Now School of Ministry will expand into Tanzania with our first sessions being held in September 2016! There are some very hungry leaders in this rural part of northern Tanzania, and they need access to basic spiritual equipment necessary to be faithful in their area of God’s harvest.

The Macedonian cry has come to our hearts from so many areas of East Africa that in 2016 we will be traveling again in June to Esoit Sambu in Northern Tanzania and to Western Uganda in October 2016. There are hungry hearts and eager leaders that are crying out for what God has given us for the nations. Earlier this fall, the Spirit impressed on our hearts that it’s time to increase our outreach to the nations.

With all the turmoil and war drums beating around the world, many feel like we should restrict our ministry in other nations and just focus on the United States. While we WILL focus a great majority of our time traveling across the United States ministering and serving local churches in our own country, we must never forget the Great Commission is not JUST for the United States; the Great Commission is for the whole world! Many in the United States have decided they are rather bored with God and no longer need Him in their lives…until a terrorist attack or a tragedy takes place.

A recent headline in a New York newspaper stated after the San Bernardino terrorist attack the “God Isn’t Helping”. How can He when the country by and large has voted him out of their lives, and the rest refuse to acknowledge His Presence and leadership.

Yes, the United States needs a Great Awakening, and I for one believe it’s coming. But my assignment is to every nation of the world where God opens the door. I have to go. Woe is unto me if I do not go and preach the Gospel!
Thank you again to every partner, church, pastor, and friend who has helped Pam and I fulfill our part of the Great Commission in 2015. 2016 will be even better than this because the best is yet to come!

Many are thinking and praying about helping a ministry in the remaining days of 2015 with a special love gift. We would be honored if you would consider Revival Now International in your end of the year giving plans. All gifts are tax deductible and every gift is needed at this time to help us finish the year strong and enter 2016 with the resources to expand our outreach into the areas of the world that are crying out for training, tools, encouragement and resources from our ministry.

From rural pastors & leaders all around the world, Merry Christmas and thank you for supporting Revival Now’s outreach to the nations.