Beauregard Revival Update

David Copeland April 7, 2008 11:40 am

WOW! Week three stared with a bang!
I can tell you for a fact, Jesus is not dead, He is Risen!

Sunday services at Beauregard Revival Center were literally off the hook!

Sunday morning there was a sweet manifest anointing that prevailed over the entire service. I ministered out of Psalms 37:37 on The Mark of a Perfect Man. A mark is simply an outline, an impression, a distiquishing characteristic. Because we have heard the Gospel message, we no longer have any excuses! We are marked people!

Before I could even get to my first point, the conviction of the Holy Ghost was so strong, people began to get up and come to the altar to pray! People repented and wept not simply for themselves, but for their loved ones!

Last night the lid came off! I kept sensing all afternoon that God wanted to release a praise in the house. Half way into the second song, the Spirit of God began to move on a couple of people who have been battling in their minds, and they ran forward, without any coaching or priming and began to dance before the Lord! As they did, freedom came sweeping through the congregation setting people free and releasing healing into people's bodies!

One lady in particular came in with a swollen ankle from a sprain she sustained Sunday afternoon. Got instantly healed her, the swelling went down instantly and she walked all over the sanctuary praising God!

We thought the service had ended when the Holy Ghost decided He wanted to bless the young people and came sweeping through the place as they danced before the Lord for almost an hour, many of them receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, worshipping the King! This was particularly encouraging as most of these young people come from broken homes and their parents unsaved.

We are truly a marked people! As was pondering all the arguments over whether or not the whole church of Jesus needs to move to a more seeker-sensitive type service last week when the Spirit of God whispered into my heart and said, "When the real fire of my Spirit comes, the seekers will come too!"

Well that settled it for me!

I'm going after God! If my passion offends you, just get out of the way and let me praise Him because you don't know what I've had to go through to get free!

If my passionate worship offends you, don't look at me; I'm not worshipping for you, I'm worshipping my King!

Something was broken Saturday from the Call in Montgomery! Racism was dealt with both in the white church as well as in the black church! I also believe a healing for the races was released for Alabama!

As I've said previously, God wants Alabama to lead the nation not just alphabetically, but spiritually as well!

God is leading us into a Great Awakening!