Beauregard Revival Center Update

David Copeland January 6, 2009 11:15 am

Our first meeting of 2009 started with a bang! Sunday Services at Beauregard Revival Center in Opelika Alabama were marked with a distinct drawing and conviction of the Holy Ghost! Both service, I never even finished the message God gave me before people were spontaineously coming to the altar repenting, searching their hearts, and getting their lives right with God!

If you live in the East Alabama area, we welcome you to join us every night this week through Friday at 6pm Central Time. I know that is early for some, but come even if you are late. The Worship team has been on the mark in each service, and we are expecting great things from God! If you cannot come, you can join us as we stream the services live at and click the link marked live streaming.

God is drawing together a network of revival-minded ministries, ministries and ministers that have a heart and a desire to see the move of God's Spirit He has promised for this generation come into every community on America. We have formed Revival International to help facilitate this endeavor. We already have ministers and churches that have joined us in 4 states.

Already in just 6 days, our blog has been flooded with unique visitors; this tells me people are getting ready; the conflict in Israel, the economic meltdown, and other problems in society are opening some peoples eyes to see, we need God in America again! And at the same time, many are becoming hardened because of the deceitfulness of sin! God help us to sound the trumpet! GET READY, GET READY, GET READY! JESUS IS COMING!!!