Be Faithful

David Copeland April 6, 2011 4:29 pm

I know. It sounds like a broken record. But the Holy Spirit hovered over the meetings at the Maasai Vocational Training Centre today. Again. And again. And again!

People want me to tell more. I want to tell more. People want me to post pictures. I want to post pictures. But when you are either crying so hard you can't see, or shaking so hard you can't hold the camera, it's hard to do anything but enjoy what the Lord is doing!

It's amazing how the Lord puts the courses together and the instructors to teach them. There has been such a flow between us it has amazed us as well.

Pastor Brad is teaching Life of Christ, especially in the area of leadership; Kathleen gage is teaching on Communing With The Holy Spirit. I am focusing on the Five Fold Ministry Gifts. But really they are all flowing together so tightly, you would think we stayed up all night comparing notes and coaching each other as to what to say.

To GOD be all the Glory!

When you find the area of your expertise, you will find the anointing you've always dreamed of! One of the hardest things I've battled in my life is being frustrated in ministry. And while I know and it is true, if you are frustrated in ministry it's because you are trying to do it in the flesh and not in the Spirit. God keeps asking me, "why now that you have begun in the Spirit do you want to be made perfect by the flesh?"

It's real hard for Christianity to really accept different people with different anointings on their life. In fact the trend is opposite. Everybody wants to preach the same messages, the same way, dress the same,, talk the same, wear your hair the same….as the Nationwide Insurance guy would say, "…guys, make me gag!!!!"

Just be yourself. Let God grow you to the place where you accept who you are and whom God has called you to be. Your gift will make a place for you. Your gift will clear a path for you. But once you get in that place your gift makes for you, you will need the anointing of the Holy Ghost to stay in that place and fulfill your assignment.

I know a number of people who have sold out the anointing in order to be famous or popular. God will not reward you for your talent when you stand before Him. He will only reward one thing: faithfulness.