Arnold Sanders: God’s General

David Copeland May 9, 2013 3:38 pm

Another one of God’s Generals has gone home to meet the Lord. Rev. Arnold Sanders passed into his reward this past Monday in Tyler Texas where he was serving as Pastor of The River Church Frankston Texas. He will be laid to rest on Friday May 10 in Opelika Alabama.

Bro. Arnold was in my thinking really an apostle but would be taken aback if anyone called him that. He was a genuine one in that he simply functioned in the office and didn’t clamor for a title.

Over the last several weeks my mind has continuously rehearsed my first meeting with Bro. Arnold. The year was 1983 and my little Baptist family was invited to a camp meeting/tent revival in the Beauregard community outside the Opelika/Auburn area. I’ll never forget the fire he preached with and the anointing he flowed under. I’ll never forget hearing the Spirit of God say to me that night “…one day you will do this…”

Bro. Arnold flowed with a Spirit of Revelation like no one I have ever met. I enjoyed the few times I had to speak with him because he fed my spirit with the Word of the Lord. While I was not best friends with Bro. Arnold, I watched his ministry from a distance for over 30 years and I can tell you his family has nothing to be ashamed of from his life. He not only mentored me, but hundreds of other young men have been instructed in the ways of the Lord through his life and ministry.

I will forever be grateful to him for helping arrange a meeting for me with my childhood hero/mentor RW Shambach. He had the honor of pastoring Bro. Shambach during the last couple of years of his life. That meeting with Bro. Shambach and Bro. Arnold together has made a permanent imprint on my life and ministry.

Several weeks ago while in Kenya I heard the spirit say to me after a tremendous move of the spirit in the Kilgoris Pastors Training “...I’m bringing about a changing of the guard…” I knew this meant we are going to see the passing of some more men and women of God. As more of our Generals of the Faith take their trip home, now more than ever I want to finish my race with integrity, purpose and joy knowing to be absent from the body IS to be present with the Lord.

I am going to hear every sermon I’ve ever preached again one day. I am going to review every altar I will ever give as a minister of the Gospel. Not because technology allows us to do this; because one day we will all be judged for what we have done in this body whether good or bad.

In day in which so many people want to see how close to the world they can live and still go to heaven, these great Generals have ignited a fire in me that makes me want to see how close to heaven I can get before I go there.

Take your rest Bro. Arnold…RW Shambach…TL Osborn…Oral Roberts…and many others. But keep your eyes open…

We are coming up behind you!