April Kenya Update

David Copeland April 16, 2011 2:22 pm

We wrapped up our next to the last session at the Christ Victory Family Ministries Leadership Conference today in Kitengela Kenya, just outside Nairobi. What a week this week has been. We have been so busy, I have barely been able to post a comment to Facebook; certainly no time to blog!

We arrived in Kitengela on Wednesday evening and as we settled into our room, there was no water. After two hours of trying to get water, we simply went to bed, sweat, dirt and all. Welcome to international ministry!

Thursday the anointing flowed like a river as 50 plus pastors, leaders and workers sat under the anointed teaching of Kathleen Gage. In the afternoon I ministered on Obedience In Leadership and the power of God hovered over the service and brought healing and encouragement to the people.

That night, my Kenya brother David Memusi ministered on The Hand of the Lord Is Not Short…and the altar was filled with people repenting and getting in alignment with God.

Thursday night was a night that will go down in the Revival Now record book. It was obvious we had stirred up satan, because Kitengela has been a very oppressed area for so many years, we fight demons every time we come to the area. But I was not ready to spend the entire night, without sleep, being attacked by more mosquitoes than I have even seen in my life! Even David Memusi who lives in Kenya told me he has never had a night like that before. I been to Haiti, Indonesia, and the rainforest in South America; I have never seen so many mosquitoes in my life!

Friday was a breakthrough day as all day long the different ministers built peoples faith, till on Friday night during the revival service, a mighty breakthrough came with an unusual anointing being released! We all realised what the mosqitoes were after.

Today simply picked up where we left off on Friday.

I know it sounds redundant, but where there is a hunger and thirst for righteousness, people are filled. Jesus wasn't talking smack when He spoke that verse in Matthew. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.

While we are ready to come home and have a couple of days off, Pam and I also know, now more than ever before, we are called to the Maasai people. I am so grateful for the favor God has given us with the people.

I have found when you are called to a place, the heat, mosquitoes, the rain, the bugs, the mice, the different food may be an inconvenience there is a joy that really is unspeakable and full of Glory! While I have to go home to raise more funds to come back again, August can't get here quick enough!

I am grateful for the full time missionaries that serve on a field of labor, separated from family and familiar friends for years at a time, I also see the hand of God directing and expanding the ministry of short term missions. While it's a bit more expensive (a lot more expensive), I think it eliminates the tendency of creating a welfare system. In many nations of the world, when people see Americans, they see money. Not realizing we have to trust and believe God for every penny to do the work just like they do.

I was sent a scathing comment last week by lady ridiculing me for pouring Gods money into another nation while the United States is going to hell in a hand basket. My response to her was exactly what I have told every other person who has persecuted me and Pam for reaching out into other countries: I travel across the United States nine months out of the year preaching the Gospel, declaring the message of repentance restoration and revival; ministering in mostly small rural churches where not many preachers will go simply because there is not a promise of a big crowd or a big offering. I don't say that bragging or complaining.

I say that to say: what are you doing for the United States to see revival and renewal come?

Thank you friends and partners for the prayers and money: I have put it into good soil!