April 2015 Kenya Update 1

David Copeland April 20, 2015 3:17 pm

We arrived in Kenya safe and sound last Tuesday and have been working non-stop since we landed. It took us longer than usual to travel to Kilgoris because of a bad traffic jam just outside of Nairobi. This forced us to make a three-hour detour. Our team was wondering were they headed to Gilligan’s Island. I always call that making memories.

The Kilgoris Women’s Conference began on Thursday April 16th with an explosion of Holy Ghost power. Many women received the Holy Spirit Baptism for the first time and many of the ladies received freedom from the spirit of offense on Friday. In Kenya, as in many African countries women often live in very abusive environments and feel they have no advocate to speak for them. Women are NOT second-class citizens but a very important part of the Kingdom of God in this hour. I don’t have the words to express how God has used Pastor Edith Carlin & Dana Myers from Glory of God Worship Center, Denham Springs Louisiana to impact these women in a dramatic fashion. Thank you partners for helping us to financially sponsor these types of meetings that continue the empowerment process for women in this region!

On Saturday we traveled to Nyagusu just north of Kilgoris where we were able to officially announce and dedicate the property that will become the future home of the Nyaisero Orphanage Led by Pastor Esther & Phillip. I want to especially thank Restoration House in Salem Alabama and New Life Assembly in Moulton Alabama for their special seed offering that helped us complete the purchase of the property. You can see more pictures on my personal Facebook page (davidcopeland2) and the Revival Now Ministries Facebook page.

Phase Two of the Nysero Orphanage project will be to completely fence the property and then begin the construction of the dormitory to house the children. Needless to say, the children are very happy and excited to see the coming of their own place they will call home. Thank you again partners for helping us make this happen in obedience to James 1:27.

Our April Session of the Revival Now School of Ministry began today with almost 100 pastors present. We are expecting an increase of pastors & leaders from around the region to take part. I look forward to sharing with you the progress and activities in the coming days.

There is an excitement building in the region about what God is doing through Revival Now Kenya. God has brought together an incredible team we can work with here in the Kilgoris area. But we cannot do what we do without the friends & partners of Revival Now Ministries in the United States. I repeat these words often, but they are coming from a sincere heart of gratitude: thank you for believing in us and supporting our part of the Great Commission.