April 2014 Kenya Update 1

David Copeland April 20, 2014 3:51 pm

April 2014 Kenya Update

We have completed the April session of the Maasai Vocational Training in Kilgoris Kenya. Over 120 pastors from all across Kenya (and one from Uganda) participated in five days of intense basic training, spiritual warfare, prayer and intercession. I say it every time I come here, but this was once again the greatest training we have had to date. Thank you to Shane Smith for teaching on the Gift of Helps while my sessions focused on the Life & Work of a Minister.

As the Resurrection Celebrations wind down around the world, I pray the Resurrection of Jesus will remain a focus of our hearts. I stated in the April Revival Now Newsletter, April comes from a Latin word which means, “to open”. God has given us a powerful and effective open door in several nations, with many other nations begging us to come over and help them.

I am truly convinced God has given the Body of Christ an opening and we are standing on the threshold of a new beginning. It’s not enough to talk about a new beginning if we are not going to embrace it. It’s futile to shout about the Year of the Open Door if we are not willing to step over the threshold into the narrow opening of our next season in God.

The threshold of a door way signals a dividing line. A threshold also serves to keep bugs, water and other elements on the outside of the doorway. But until you step over the threshold…all a door will be is a picture of the outside.

Once again, thank you to all the friends, partners and churches of Revival Now Ministries who prayed for, or planted a special offering for our April Kenya Outreach. Thank you to all our friends on Facebook who also gave so generously to help us this month. Your giving has helped us be a blessing to so many people, young and old across Kenya.

I also want to especially thank my family for allowing me to follow the will of God for my life. They have been willing to give me up so many of you could be blessed by the flow of the Spirit that comes through mine & Pam’s life.

Together, we all make an unbeatable team for God!

Asante’ Sana!