Apostles and Prophets

David Copeland June 30, 2006 8:49 pm

One of the great debates that still rages in the Full Gospel churches in the U.S. is "are Apostles and Prophets alive today?" This seems to be a problem in America more than any other part of the world. That shouldn't surprise me since most Americans feel Jesus is only coming back for Americans; or He will not do anything unless He checks in with people in Springfield, MO, Cleveland, TN, or Nashville, TN.!

Many of our traditional Full Gospel denominations (I hate using that word) still choke and gag when the subject comes up. Others make ridiculous, slanderous comments about those who are Apostles and Prophets (or sincerely feel from the Lord they are called to be such).

While I do not feel qualified to prove the point, I must say I have always believed that Apostles and Prophets are just as much for today as they were in the first century.

I understand not everyone who has apostle or prophet on their business card is one; yet Hebrews 13:8 still says that "Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever."

When I was a Baptist kid I found this very verse in Hebrews, and it settled any questions I had about the Five-Fold Ministry and every question I had about Spiritual Gifts! Have we, or are we becoming the same cessationists we've despised others to be?

I'm coming out of the closet. Of course, I have been out of the closet for a long time! I still believe Apostles and Prophets are for today!

In fact, I believe Mike Bickle's Book, "Growing In The Prophetic" should be recommended reading for anyone desiring to move in the prophetic, or a pastor who has people in their church that are moving in that anointing. He gives a very balanced expose' on prophetic people's relationship with a pastor and vise-versa.