An Airplane Suddenly

David Copeland October 28, 2013 5:51 pm

As I write this we are beginning our journey to Kenya for the 2nd Kilgoris Fire Conference & Crusade. As we were landing in Houston I felt a sudden shift in my heart. It was so profound I almost start to cry. I thought it was rather odd that I would such a distinct touch of the Holy Spirit…on an airplane that was actually making a safe landing. You might expect those things if you are crashing. No, and I don’t want to find out.

As we exited the plane and headed toward baggage claim, the Presence of God overwhelmed me again. So much so I did begin to cry this time although I held back as best I could. I shared what I was sensing with out team and we all came into agreement for suddenlies to take place during this conference & crusade.

I absolutely love it when God’s Presence overwhelms you with a sudden touch…a sudden burst of joy that comes out of now where to envelope you. It happened at the resurrection of Jesus. It happened at Pentecost. Another suddenly took place when Paul and Silas thought for sure that by daylight they would be dead. But at midnight the place started shaking and suddenly everyone in the prison’s chains fell off!

I thank God for a suddenly. I don’t know what you have been facing, but God’s suddenly is coming toward you now! You don’t have to sow an offering. You don’t have to give away your car or your dog.

Just worship Him for who He IS…and when you do, your suddenly will leave His hands!

My suddenly made getting up at 1:45am after only two hours sleep worthwhile.

Thank you to everyone who sowed a special gift toward this Fire Conference & Crusade in Kilgoris Kenya. Without a major fundraising plea, God miraculously supplied the need to cover some of the expenses for this meeting. For every heart that gives their life to Jesus this week; for every leader that will attend the conference and leave encouraged and empowered, you will receive the same reward as we do for going.

And I am believing the same suddenly I sensed in my heart today, will become real to you as you read these words.

Thank you for believing in, praying for and supporting our part of the Great Commission!