Alabama and The Coming Move of God

David Copeland January 8, 2010 1:50 pm

While praying this morning I sensed this from the Lord. I have written along these lines in a previous blog post but it is more adamant in my heart now than it was then.

The Move of God that is coming on the earth is not going to be for one church one particular ministry or denomination; it will be for the whole body of Christ.

It will awaken the whole Body of Christ to be able to receive the end time harvest

I am not trying to sound goofy or stupid when I say this:

Alabama winning the National Championship carries a spiritual significance in that God is calling Alabama to lead the nation spiritually…not just alphabetically or in college football. I've been saying this now for the last 2-3 years. This winning the National Championship will cause a light to be shined on the state of Alabama as a whole; but it will also begin to highlight some positive things that Alabama is known for and capable of doing.

In many parts of the country Alabama is known in a negative light. Some believe that we are simply a bunch of uneducated rednecks that intermarry within our own families, hold a Bible in one hand and a gun or six pack of beer in another. God is beginning to change not only other's perception of who we are, but He is also changing the way we look at ourselves!

Alabama is Choctow Indian word which means to cut a thicket; this signifies the apostolic mantle that is on the Godly spiritual leaders, churches and ministries of this state to seek God…go after God until our destiny is completely fulfilled!

We must cut through the thickets of racism…religion…rebellion…doubt and unbelief; specifically mindsets that would stop this move of God that will bring in the end time harvest

Again the coming move of God will not be to make one church or ministry famous and popular; nor will God allow it to be packaged merchandised and sold…our job is to break through, give birth to it and in so doing, I am feeling simultaneously it will spring up in other parts of the country and around the world!

This coming move of God will be to equip the Body of Christ to both reap AND keep the end time harvest!